Thursday, July 31, 2008

Didier Grossemy – CEO

Didier Grossemy – CEO

Didier Grossemy has over 14 years of Digital experience.
Didier Grossemy is specialised in Start-up and growth strategy solutions. Taking an idea, technology or concept and making it happen. “I enjoy the challenge of building, and believe that unless you are excited about your vision and you are willing to invest 300% of yourself there is no point” says Didier.

By using his management skills and expertise he has strategically guided some of the largest companies in the world to the Internet space.From publicly listed Telecommunication companies, Shopping centres, Fashion designers, Insurance groups to launching 140 content managed websites for the “Le Meridien” five stars hotel group to implementing the first interactive environment for Columbia Tristar Films.

There is a science to engineering complex database CRM to easy to use system for brands like Ferrari or launching powerful e-stores for the likes of the Oroton group.

Other projects such as, Consulting and Building the first multi vendor English/Chinese online store “Haiwaibao” offering top Australian brands to sell to the Chinese Market and helping Virgin Money to manage their online communication with state of the art content management.

The success of Digital Marketing is guided through Vision and smart communication engineering, like a business architect Didier articulate the ultimate solution and execute the strategy with a professional team of creative and engineers.

As the CEO of X2 Digital, my role in the company is to create the ultimate Digital Service Provider while growing a global production team and a sophisticated distribution network.My focus is on packaging complex services including Digital marketing, technology and design into a ready to use solution so that almost anyone in a consulting, advertising, creative position can immediately leverage from.

X2 Digital is perfectly positioned as a growth strategy consulting firm that helps companies to grow faster and more efficiently than they could on their own using the experience of a strong management team and existing infrastructure.

Apart of building businesses, my area of expertise is branding, technology and digital marketing. The three are closely linked since you need great technology to capture, measure and track your marketing efforts and build your brand.

My work is to make sure that everyone of my clients benefit from strong online technology and processes that will provide Return on Investment in the shortest possible way.
Past Experience:
CEO and Chairman at Viper Communications Goup
(Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Internet industry)
From a small team of 3 people, Build Australia’s third largest Internet company.

MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT: Sold 8 months AFTER the 2001 crash for $25M.
Viper Productions was founded in 1996. The company quickly established itself as a market leader in website design and subsequently expanded its offering by the addition of eBusiness consulting, web hosting, broadcasting and online marketing services. The company is well known for the quality of its creative services.

Didier Grossemy has focused on the development of proprietary web software solutions from the outset, in addition to the development of outstanding design and other services. Didier Grossemy has been able to round out the breadth and depth of the eService solutions it provides, as well as source new business, by forming strategic partnerships and alliances with specialist technology and eMarketing providers. BMCMedia, inherint, exo-net, Hewlett-Packard, Commtouch and iPIX provide immediate examples.


steve said...

Its nice:Didier Grossemy says that Digital is no longer the "under dog" of the marketing world, campaigns and strategies are now built around digital media with digital media becoming the centre piece of any activity, so a digital agency really needs to work at that strategic level with their clients.
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steve said...

Didier Grossemy takes entrepreneurship to the next level and is specialised in Start-up and growth strategy solutions. Didier Grossemy says "I enjoy the challenge of building, and believe that unless you are excited about your vision and you are willing to invest 300% of yourself there is no point" says Didier.
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didier grossemy CEO

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